Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mum's fried carrot cake

This was what I had for lunch earlier. Dad bought some pieces of carrot cake when he went to the market early this morning. Mum decided to cut the cakes into small pieces and added in a tiny weeny bit of olive oil, bean sprouts and an egg to make a wholesome meal. Yummy :)


BAM said...

I presume the carrot cake from the market wasn't cooked yet? Then it wouldn't be so oily.

coboypb said...

The carrot cake had been pan fried and ready to eat. That was why we only needed to add a tiny bit of oil to cook the egg and bean sprouts first before adding in the carrot cake.

slushy_mushy said...

we sometimes buy those uncooked ones to cook ourselves with egg, salted veggie and soya sauce, like those done at hawker centres.