Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Does Dharma look more grown up?

Dharma has been eating more and also drinking more water. I have been occupying my time @ home feeding Dharma, playing with it.

The maggi instant porridge is so salty that after having that for lunch yesterday, I decided to eat normal food. Yesterday I ate a soft cheese bun for afternoon tea. Dinner was mum's fried rice (not oily or too salty). I just make sure I chew the food on my right side as my lower left gum is still swollen and there is a bit of bleeding at times.

This morning I had my usual 2 slices of bread with wheatgerm and pork floss and a cup of soy milk and half an orange. Lunch was mum's yummy porridge with mixed vegetable and diced chicken sausages. Tonight, mum is cooking teochew porridge with steamed fish and pork.

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