Monday, June 20, 2005

Bye, Ebon

Early yesterday morning, Mum told me that Ebon refused to eat the oatmeal concoction. We suspected that Ebon's time may be near, so after my last buddhism class ended around 11am, I went home straight to be near Ebon.

Ebon ate very little - he did take some cooked pumpkin, soft bread and japanese hamster biscuits. Even with his skinny, weak legs (due of loss of appetite and old age), he would still slowly move from his sleeping quarters under the wooden bridge to his toilet of cat litter to the corners of his house. I tried to cuddle him in my hands but he would weakly struggle, so I put him back home. Each time, he would rest at each station for a short while, as if he was trying hard not to fall asleep.

For the whole afternoon, he would make his rounds until in the later evening, he rested under the bridge, hardly moving and mum and I knew that Ebon could leave us anytime. @ 9+pm, I cuddled him in my hands and he didn't resist. He was breathing weakly and his limbs felt cold and didn't flinch when I rubbed them gently. Mum took over an hour later for a short while before placing him back into his house. After my shower before 11pm, I carried Ebon again and he had already stopped breathing.

We are a little sad but glad that he didn't seem to have suffered much. We didn't cry at all last night but now I'm tearing as I am writing this and thinking about Ebon.

Goodbye, Ebon. Thanks for being part of my life and I hope you have been happy living with us as you have been a joy to my family.


Slushy the sad said...

So sad. Hope you feel better soon. can see how much you cared for him. You and your mom are really great with the pets

JerL said...

It's really touching that you and your mom can care for Ebon until his last breathe. I feel the sadness lingering as I read this entry and I feel sad too.. But glad that Ebon didn't seem to suffer much.

I saw a dead cat by the roadside yesterday and I still cannot forget that scene. It's sad to see a lost life.

coboypb said...

Thanks, girls for your condolences. Yes, it's sad to see your loved ones go. Ebon has been a gentle, friendly Syrian hamster and we have never regretted adopting him in May 2003.