Monday, May 30, 2005

Yummy lunch & stolen dinner

My colleagues and I gave our director a farewell lunch @ Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt. It was a lunch buffet - different stations serving different local food. My favorite items are oyster omelette, satay, naan with the various sauces, sesame ice cream, pineapple tart, kung bao chicken. I didn't have any more stomach space to try the roast duck and egg tart that the others said are good. At around $31 with quite a good variety, Straits Kitchen leaves quite a good impression on me. However, nowadays I being health conscious would rather go for ala carte than big scale eating. However, if friends or family would like to try, I won't mind tagging along.

I reached my home before 8pm and saw Frisky @ the void deck. She came near me and rubbed her body against me when I squatted near her. I broke the Vit E softgel and smeared the oil onto the dry cat food but Frisky smelled and refused to eat them. A black and white cat approached and ate a piece of the cat food. Next time I would have to try to put the vit E oil into the can of wet cat food I bought and see if Frisky will eat them.

I saw Sis eating the dinner that mum has left for me. Sis thought that the food in the container was for her. It was mum's new dish - steamed rice with cabbage, sausage, belly pork, chestnut and I have yet to try it so far. Sis felt really bad and kept apologising the whole night. Haha. It's really alright as mum would still cook that on other Mondays. I chomped on cornflakes with milk and some cheesebread.


slushy_mushy said...

haha, your sis is cute apologising about it the whole nite! ;p

The buffet sounds yummy and just right for bringing some of my overseas friends but we're going to try a hawker centre first and progress to something like that later.

Yes, I think wet food would be better enticement and she might not be able to smell the difference. Also, ask Uncle not to feed her first so that she's really hungry, tho of course can't stop her from rummaging elsewhere.

coboypb said...

On second thought, I would recommend Straits Kitchen to friends only if they want the convenience of having local delights in a nice ambience and alright with paying $31. It will be much cheaper to eat @ hawker centre and healthier too as there is a tendency to stuff yourself during buffet.