Saturday, May 28, 2005

Relaxing morning

My body clock woke me up @ 7.15am. I did some light exercises by working with my swiss ball and practise my basic taiji strokes. 2 slices of Sunshine wheat bran bread with margarine and toasted wheatgerm, a small piece of mum's raisin coffee butter cake and half an orange formed my hearty breakfast. After reading the Straits Times, I checked my emails, surfed the net about FIV and worked a bit on my blog.

Later, I'm going to give a teaspoon of Quaker's Oatmeal with milk to Ebon as he has been losing a bit of weight. I adopted Ebon from a friend in May 2003. He was already an adult then and should be around 3 years old now. Mum fed him that oatmeal concoction some time back and it helped to fatten him up but Mum stopped after a while. So I'm going to continue with that treat :) Below is a photo of Ebon taken not too long ago. So adorable, right?


I will be meeting my 3 secondary school girl friends and treating them to dim sum lunch @ Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant @ Carlton Hotel. (This explains why I feel the need to exercise this morning.) We have this tradition of birthday girl treating the rest to a meal and the rest in turn buy her a gift that she wants. I still haven't thought of what I want. One idea is to ask them to buy me hamster food and cat treats but they may think I'm mad. Haha.

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