Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vesak Day

I almost forgot that today is my 5th year anniversary in my 1st job until my friend sms me and wished me a good year ahead. Time really flies and there have been so many changes in my life and around the world.

I woke up early @ 7.15am so that I could have sufficient time to eat breakfast and read Sunday Times before leaving @ 8.45am with my parents to pray to my late maternal grandparents and relatives. But something happened, making me upset and in tears. Anyway, the purpose of my blog is not to dwell on sad things but my search for simple joys.

I decided to stay put @ home. Baking has always been a therapeutic experience for me, so I started to flip through my recipe books. I finally settled on the recipe called "Lemon jumble" which called for grated rind of lemon, lemon juice and other stuff available @ home. Cautious me halved all the amounts of ingredients as I don't want to finish eating so many cookies if they don't turn out nice.

I didn't shape the dough into a "S" shape as suggested. I rolled them into balls and flatten them with a fork. Suddenly I recalled I have some colourful sugar bits and sprinkled them on the dough. Take a look - aren't they pretty? I renamed them "Happy Lemony". They tasted only a little sweet with a slight lemon fragrance and did help to cheer me up a little :)


BAM said...

I'm excited and happy to see that you've updated your blog.
If you don't mind, feel free to email, call or sms me to share on what happened. I hope I can help in consolation.
Your cookies are so delightful. Save me some, kay?

JerL said...

I think this is the first time ever that I've ever read about you in tears! oh dear, something must have really upset you.. but I'm so glad that you didn't dwell on it and still manage to bake those pretty cookies.. you're good! If it were me, I probably wouldn't have the mood.. Do give me a tinkle if you need to talk.. my mobile is on 24 hours. :)

BAM said...

yeah, ditto to fairy GM's words. Just contact us anytime. I'm so glad you found a therapeutic hobby to cheer you up. We all need at least one of those. ;p

coboypb said...

Thanks, girls. Really appreciate it :)