Friday, May 27, 2005

Frisky's visit to the vet

Namly Clinic was heavily booked today but I was lucky that Dr Ling had a free slot @ 4.15pm. I am very happy that Dad wanted to accompany me. He was initially a bit upset that I was so kaypoh but after that he was grinning and said that I'm crazy. Dad and I went down to pick up Frisky from Uncle the shopkeeper @ 3.30pm. His wife helped me to put Frisky into the carrier. She smelled like Dettol as Auntie gave her a shower earlier.

Frisky meowed very loudly and when we got into the cab, she continued to do so and I tried to calm her down by stroking between the ears and talking to her. @ the Namly Clinic, the clinic assistant commented that Frisky looked very bad. Dr Ling had a bit of difficulty trying to get Frisky out as she was scared. I helped to pin her down firmly so that Dr Ling could do a skin scrape to see if there were any skin mites. Frisky meowed very loudly again but she was very tame and didn't try to scratch or bite me at all. Dr Ling couldn't find any mites but gave her an injection and topical application on her neck for mites just in case. She said the skin problem could be due to fungus or even FIV, the feline version of HIV. The tablets she would be prescribing would be antibiotics, anti-fungal and anti-itching. She also suggested giving some vitamin E together with the food. She asked me to bring her back 2 weeks later and if Frisky's condition does not improve, we may have to do a skin biopsy and sent it for lab testing overseas. She also mentioned about the cakey stuff in her ears and commented that someone must have put a lot of powder in them. Since I couldn't get any infor from Uncle about the medicine he has been given to Frisky, Dr Ling has to start from scratch.

I also asked Dr Ling where there is any cure if my hamster has cataracts. She said there isn't. Anyway, I have checked on the net that cataracts don't really affect hamsters since they rely on smell rather than sight.

Frisky was more subdued on the way back home. I managed to take some photos of her in the carrier. See how bad her skin looks.

Frisky Stray 1

Frisky Stray 2

Frisky Stray 4

Frisky Stray 5

Uncle wanted to return me the cost ($61) but I declined as I hope she would get well soon. On the labels, I drew pictures of the amount of tablets to be given to Frisky daily, so that it's easier for him to understand. I will buy some Vit E and some nice treats and see if I could catch Frisky in the mornings or evenings to give her these.

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