Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dim sum and friends

Frisky was cleaning herself in a corner of the void deck in the shade when I was leaving to meet my friends for lunch. I just let her sniff my hand and say hello and bye to her.

I find that I have lower tolerance for oily, rich food as I'm older. @ Wah Lok, we had har gao, siew mai, char siew so, lotus leaf chicken glutinous rice, prawn chee cheong fun, deep fried prawn dumpling with fruit salad and steamed carrot cake with pu-er chinese tea. I still prefer the I'm happy that my 3 other friends enjoy the dim sum and we were quite full that we had no space for desserts. The meal cost about $40 - a reasonable price. The next time if I ever return to Wah Lok, it will be for their double boiled apple fish soup and some other cantonese dishes I had @ Wah Lok with a friend the past 2 times.

We headed for the Awareness Place @ Bras Brasah Complex and it was there I found my birthday present - the Vegetarian Times. It has interesting recipes and articles. I'm not a vegetarian but I'm always on a lookout for healthy recipes. Maybe I could try the recipes in the magazine one day.

veg times

I went to Serangoon North to meet my parents and we bought hamster food and also admired all the adorable guinea pigs and hamsters. It was tempting to buy a syrian hamster (same breed as Ebon), especially one that is in a not very clean cage. However, with 5 hamsters at home, mum won't be able to manage and I'm not always home early everyday.

We saw Frisky drinking water from a small container outside Uncle's shop when we reached home. I shall make a point to check on her whenever I'm at the void deck.

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