Friday, May 27, 2005

Frisky and Ebon

For the past few weeks, we have noticed a stray cat balding with tufts of fur. I then emailed Dawn of Cat Welfare Society and she suggested some vets nearby for me to bring the cat for checkup. Yesterday, I went down to Pet Lovers @ Shaw Centre to buy a cat carrier and some cat food, so that I could bring the cat to the vet today.

Last night I had tennis lessons with 2 other friends. I have quite bad ball sense, so most of the time I would miss the ball but at least I am getting familarised with forehand and the basic techniques. I managed to spot the cat outside the shop at the void deck of my block cleaning herself when the shop uncle was closing his shop. I asked him about the cat and he said he has brought her to the vet in Sembawang and the medicine is finishing soon. She still sheds fur but eats well. Uncle doesn't know what the problem is. Apparently this cat used to be quite pretty. I suspect she is the cat that my sis and I called Frisky and we have wondered why she has disappeared.

I got a shock when I carried Ebon, my old syrian hamster and saw that he has some kind of cataract in both eyes. I have not noticed that when I carried her a few days ago but may have mistake that for glint in eyes. This morning when I looked again, the cataract is not there anymore. Then I have a theory that the cataracts can only be seen at night and in the dark. And true enough when I brought Ebon to the dark storeroomwith Mum shining a torchlight, I could see the cataracts. But long-sighted Mum said I am seeing things and want me to monitor and ask Dad and sis to see tonight. Anyway, I shall bring Frisky to Namly Clinic in the afternoon, so that I could ask Dr Ling about Ebon too. Dr Ling has successfully operated on my late syrian hamster to remove a tumour. I hope I can find Frisky at the void deck later.

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