Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sun and rain

I woke up to a sunny morning and went for my Basic Buddhism Course @ Bright Hill Temple @ 9am with my 2 friends. We learnt more about Buddha's teaching about doing good, avoiding evil and identifying who our true friends and false friends are. As usual, our teacher peppered his lecture with interesting and relevant examples and life experiences.

We had lunch @ S11 coffeeshop @ Ang Mo Kio Central. I bought a bottle of Vit E (200IU d-alpha tocopherol) soft capsules that Dr Ling suggested I could give Frisky with her food. My friends and I visited Popular Bookshop and I couldn't resist buying this box. I hope I can understand the diagrams shown in the instruction sheet (written in Japanese) and create the 2 pretty origami dolls. Shall fold them when I'm in the mood :)


On the way home, it rained heavily. I saw the shopkeeper uncle protecting his goods with a plastic sheet from the rain and I asked him if Frisky has been taking her medicine. He said she spat out the tablets after eating them. I asked if he has tried pounding the tablets into smaller pieces or powder or I could help him to do so. He said he did try that method. He also asked if we still want to bring Frisky to the vet 2 weeks later. I replied that we would monitor Frisky's condition and decide then.


BAM said...

hi girl, About the tablets you'll need some "technique". You'll have to put it at the back of Frisky's throat so that she has no choice but to swallow them. I know it's really tough.

The dolls look like clowns. Show us when you finish them.

coboypb said...

I shall tell uncle about this tonight because he feeds the stray cats.