Thursday, July 21, 2005

What should you do when you see an animal being abused/abandoned?

This topic was explored in Dawn’s blog. SPCA also has a short write up on their website.

Dawn has also provided the links to the relevant sections of the Animals and Birds Act that make abuse and abandonment of animals a crime and the police is authorised to arrest the person committing the crime and investigate the case. Or you can click here to go to Part IV on Prevention of Cruelty of Animals of the Animals and Birds Act directly.

I think it’s good to arm ourselves with such knowledge, so that if we do come across incidents of animal abuse/abandonment, we know we can approach the police directly or when we see people on the verge of abusing or abandoning an animal, we can tell them it’s a crime and this may prevent them from doing further harm to the animal. For such potential cases, it will also be good to report to animal welfare groups like SPCA and AVA to investigate since a crime has not been committed. They can help to re-educate the person or persuade the pet owner to find a home for the pet instead of abandoning it.

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