Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fantastic 4

Yesterday I watched the movie Fantastic 4 with my sis who has free tickets. It was screened @ Lido @ 7.15pm. If I have a choice, I wouldn't watch a movie @ Lido because their seats are so uncomfortable. The support for the back is horrible and if I were to slide down the seat and rest my head on the back of the seat, the edge is hard instead of cushiony.

Anyway, the movie is quite entertaining. The acting of the cast is only so so but as I don't know the story line of the movie, I find it interesting to see the development of heros from 4 ordinary human beings affected by some cosmic blast. I only recognise Jessica Alba (from Dark Angel drama serial) and Julian McMahon (from Charmed and Nip/Tuck) who played the baddie. The other 3 lead actors looked familar but I can't place them in any shows. The movie is almost 2 hours long. Of course, if there is no free movie ticket, I won't bother to watch the show because it's cheaper to rent the dvd than paying for the ticket.

There was an interesting movie trailer of Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride before screening of Fantastic 4. It's starring some plasticine skinny people similar to his Midnight Before Christmas and the lead character is voiced by Johnny Depp which my sis thought is my idol. I wonder why. I don't mind catching that movie though. Maybe sis will get a pair of free tickets. Hee.


BAM said...

what is the storyline of the corpse bride? Sounds macabre

coboypb said...

i found the movie website. intyeresting synopsis and you casn also view some scenes in the movie.

the baker said...

i don't like watching movies at lido too. there's something about those creaky seats and musky smell that I don't really fancy. heh. oooo i love tim burton's movies. i loved The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorshands! he's talented... did you read his book about the oyster boy?

coboypb said...

I recall flipping through the oyster boy book in Kino some time back and find the story quirky but I can't really remember the storyline :)