Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Left: Mini Chocolate cake and Mini Blackforest cake, Centre: A box of 10 D24 durian puffs, Right: A durian puff before it disappeared into my mouth
I bought them from the Emicakes branch in Kovan just now after a dinner @ Sakae Sushi @ Hougang Festival Mall with a friend. Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock place is still better than this branch and some other branches. Anyway, the mini cakes are for my sis and dad who don't take durian puffs. I don't eat durian but its by-products like puff, ice-cream and cake. Weird, right? Hee.


BAM said...

They are famous for their durian cakes right? But I feel the angie's one is better.

coboypb said...

I haven't tried Angie's one. I like Goodwood Park's puffs. They are famous for their puffs which cost $1.60 each.

My Little Rascal said...

Oh yes, Goodwood Park's durian cakes, puffs and logs are the best in town. Although they're expensive, but they're really worth eating. No regrets.