Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday is Take your Dog to Work Day

My friend sent me this interesting link to an article "Friday is Take your Dog to Work Day".

It will be so cool if I can bring my pet dog to work. Imagine my furry friend by my side as I'm working and during lunch time or after work, we can have a walk together before going back to work or going home. The problems will be: (1) I will need to have a car to transport my dog, (2) the cost of owning a car and (3) colleagues and boss may not feel comfortable about it.

It's unlikely to happen in Singapore but it's a nice dream. I think it will be great if people can bring their pets to work on at least one day of the year as colleagues who have been busy with work can have the opportunity to interact with the animals and some may find happiness in giving a stray animal a home.

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JerL said...

Think the only possibility is that if you are working for a pet shop or pet-related field.. or if you are self-employed. Our corporate culture will not change in the near future.. sad to say..