Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dinner @ Carnivore @ Chijmes

I had dinner earlier with 3 girl friends @ Carnivore @ Chijmes after work. As we arrived before 7pm, we paid only $29+++ each, instead of $39+++. We first helped ourself to the free flow of salads and vegetables and some side dishes. I like the rocket leaf and spinach and the mushrooms. When the friendly waiters came with skewers of grilled meats, I tried the lamb (verdict: a little dry), beef tenderloin, rump (verdict: juicy and tender), pork sausage (verdict: so so), pork rib (verdict: a little hard), fish (verdict: yummy with a nice tinge of lemon), chicken heart (verdict: yummy and I was guilty of eating 4), chicken thigh and breast (verdict: dry). They also have grilled pineapple on skewer and the taste of warm sweet pineapple is absolutely delicious and I ate many pieces. I can try grilling pineapples when mum buys some from the market :)

There is also an online review by Streats: http://www.streats.com.sg/article/es041228c.shtml Any of you think I have any chance of becoming a vegetarian? :P

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Slushy said...

No, I don't think you'll be come a vegetarian! And I don't think you're doing a good job of converting me leh....;p but update me on what happens in your 'vegetarian' discussion. I used to be more a vegetable person, still think I am deep down, but lately I've been eating more meat because of my pregnancy and also breastfeeding. I know you can probably get enough nutrients from plants as well but I am not a very conscientious eater and do not have the time to visit the markets or cook so it's difficult to keep up a balanced diet with only plants. take for example, yesterday I went to the supermarket wanting to buy fruits but most of them didn't appeal and were yellow, brown and just looked unappetizing.