Saturday, July 16, 2005

Disappearance and appearance of Frisky

I had not seen Frisky around the shop at my block void deck for more than a week and I was wondering what happened to her. Last night around 11pm when sis and I walked towards the shop, I was shocked to see Frisky on a piece of newsletter with cat food near it. She looked much skinnier and quite botak - so different from the last I saw her. An auntie was nearby and asked if I have been taking care of Frisky. She told me she brought Frisky to the vet @ Mt Pleasant who couldn't find any fungus, mites on her skin. I explained that I had earlier brought her to Namly Clinic and the shopkeeper Uncle has been taking care of her. The auntie had been keeping Frisky at her house to feed her medicine and bath her but she brought her back to the void deck as she was planning to bring a sickly looking stray cat she saw @ a coffeeshop across the road to the vet and did not want either cats to catch each other's sickness at her home. Auntie also said that it will be good for Frisky to be back at the void deck where she can get the daily sun before she left home.

I was surprised that the Auntie did not think that shopkeeper uncle is doing a good job in taking care of Frisky. I told her that Frisky was getting better when I last saw her more than a week ago and apparently Auntie didn't check with Uncle whether Frisky has been to a vet before bringing Frisky. I also feel that it was not very nice for her to do that without informing anyone. And I wonder if Frisky's condition has worsen because she was removed from a familar place to the home of a strange and it must have been a stressful experience. Sis and I noticed that she wobbled and she didn't approach me when I let her sniff my hands. I took a plastic crate from Uncle's shop as she used to sleep in it and luckily she found that familiar and quickly went into the crate. I managed to coax her into eating some cat food before going home with sis. I shall update Uncle later and see if he knows anything.


coboypb said...

I talked to Uncle in the afternoon and he said a lady took Frisky away without telling him. He thinks it is very irresponsible for her to do so and now just dump Frisky back. He agrees with me that Frisky was doing well and getting her fur back and suspected that the lady may not have feed Frisky well or the medicine she gave may have made Frisky worse. He said this is Frisky's poor fate.

Just now before I came home, I approached Frisky who was still hiding in the stand holding the brooms and bamboo sticks that shopkeeper uncle is selling. She seemed less timid and after sniffing my hand, she came out of her hiding place and rub her skinny body against my squatting body. I hope she will get better now that she is back home.

slushy said...

perhaps that lady really thought she was doing the right thing but there are just too many cats for her to save and too little time so she can't devote the required attention to Frisky.

coboypb said...

true. No point blaming anyone. Just hope Frisky's condition won't worsen.