Saturday, July 16, 2005

Homemade Yam Pumpkin Abacus

Mum and Dad made their own version of the Hakka Yam abacus yesterday. Using mashed yam, pumpkin and tapoica flour, they rolled tiny balls and steamed them. The steamed balls were kept in the fridge when cooled for later use. So mum decided to use half a batch of th balls to make lunch just now. She first allowed the balls to cook in boiling water before draining the water. We then fried the dry shrimps, mushrooms and sausages before adding in the balls, spring onion and coriander. The abacus turned out to be really yummy. The balls tasted like fried oyster omelette when eaten with coriander. Mum also fried the oily carrot cake Dad bought from the market with shredded cabbage. Of course, the home-made abacus is my favorite. Mum said she can teach me how to made the abacus one of the weekends and I can bring them to work for lunch :)

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slushy said...

I wanna try! ;p