Thursday, July 14, 2005

Swimming lesson

Last evening, my friend, Fi and I went for our company’s subsidized intermediate swimming lessons (8 lessons at $100). I have some bronze and silver swimming certification as swimming was my ECA in primary school. However, I could only swim breast strokes continuously for 20 laps. I can barely manage to finish a lap of front crawl without feeling exhausted.

Fi and I told our coach, Allan at the start of our swimming lesson that improving our front crawl strokes is our main goal. Allan has to manage about 7 other beginners and me, Fi and another guy. I think he is a good coach as he showed us the strokes, saw how we swam and he was able to pin point our mistakes and correct us. At the end of the 1.5 hour lesson, my front crawl kick is a more improved version(pointed feet like a ballerina and moving the legs from the hip without bent knees), so is my front crawl arm movement. Fi said I could be like Allan and teach swimming to others. Haha. Allan said he would teach us backstroke and butterfly style in subsequent lessons. I’m looking forward to that.

It is during moments like this that I feel good about myself and my life. I am learning something new or improving my skills :) Tonight we will be going for our 8th tennis lessons. I'm not a natural tennis player like Fi. My ball sense is quite bad and it is now slightly improved after I start to practise playing badmintion and learn tennis. Netball and other bigger ball games are definitely out for me. I have a phobia of the ball hitting my face. Hee. Fi commented yesterday that I'm a natural swimmer. I told her I guess each of us is good in certain things but as long as we are interested and willing to learn, we could enjoy the sports/game/activity. Anyway, we have signed up for 4 more tennis lessons and hopefully, I could become a better tennis player :)

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