Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bob's cries

Some of you may remember my earlier post. I have not mentioned much about Angel and Bob. Both can't still be together. Bob is still in my room most of the time - mom will let him out for a few hours when Angel goes into one of the other rooms. At night, if Angel decides to snooze in Sis' room, we will let Bob out for an hour or so.

For the past month, Bob has been meowing more frequently and louder. If I'm home late or doing work outside my room, Bob will cry for attention and we are worried that our neighbour (the HDB guy) will complain. Luckily so far we haven't heard any bad news. Perhaps closing the window in my room helps with some gap for fresh air at the top window grille.

I recorded the above video of the gate outside my bedroom's door with Bob crying inside. His "ow" sounds are loud. The gate acts as a precaution in case Bob dashes out when Mom/I try to enter my room. I always enter with a big bag to block his view as Angel sometimes will just rest near the door and Bob will get excited and try to dash out.

Mom has also shared with me that she has been stressed with the daily late morning routine of letting Bob out of my room after feeding the community cats downstairs. Sometimes Angel doesn't like being shut in the room and will meow in the room and scratch the door. Bob gets excited and will try to push away the big bottles of water and cardboard used to cover the door. Sometimes the bottles will fall,spilling the water. That's how strong Bob is.

We also realise Bob loves human attention. If Mom/I are in the room, he wants us to play with him, hug him or sit by his side. I have tried reading my book or studying my Jap. If he is alert and already frustrated at being cooped up in the room, he will try to bite my ankles. When he is out during the day, Mom finds that he likes her to pay attention to him. While doing the housework, she feels she can't really focus as she has to keep an eye on him in case he attempts to "break down" the barrier between him and Angel.

Mom loves Bob but feels that he can't have the freedom to roam around the house. Sis and Dad like Bob too. I love Bob too but sometimes I feel guilty that I can't give him all my attention and time. My work, interest, going out with friends mean less time with him and because he is not able to run around the house like Angel, he sees less of the family and his whole world is just my room. Sharing my room with him, sleeping with him, feeding him and spending time with him whenever I can - is it the best I can do for Bob? Sometimes I wonder if Mom and I have made the right choice in bringing him home. But at that time, we really thought things could work out with him and Angel.

Now everyone seems to be suffering because of our decision/action. I want to try putting an adoption ad of Bob on Cat Welfare Society's adoption board again. I'm not holding out much hope as there are many other lovely cats out there. I don't know how long Mom can withstand the stress and if one day we receive a letter from HDB. Our other option is to put him at a cattery like Rambo, the old community cat but that is a last resort. Bob's future has been on my mind all this time. I feel kind of sad at times I don't have a good solution. But everytime, like 20 mins ago when we managed to give Bob some time to just relax in the living room with us, I feel better. It, however means Angel is either resting on Sis' bed or feels trapped. When we heard Angel scratching the door, we had to put Bob back in my room again. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

i do understand what you mean, anyway Bob has a lovely sandy color, I would have want him if I had not been unallowed to keep cats

Lemon Grass Princess said...

Hi there,

I am the anon named cat lover with three cats, who commented on your june 2008 post.

My youngest cat who is a male did the same thing as well. However, he meowed because he wanted to get into our rooms or when he craved for attention. Well, not everyone even the cats can give him the attention he wants often. Thus, i tried throwing his favourite toys to him to distract him so that he will stop his 'noise'. It worked.

Maybe you can try this method?

coboypb said...

Hi, Lemon Grass Princess. Thanks for visiting. Bob is not interested in the toys. He gets bored with them quite fast. I think he just wants to be able to move in and out of the room freely. Thanks for your suggestion though. I do still use the toy to distract him when he tries to bite me and that works :)

Anonymous said...

Anoymous of just now XD: Saw your post on cws, I thought the picture from the post for 'putting bob up for adoption' in your blog has a nicer looking-bob-angle, maybe you can consider putting that instead? I think people will be attracted to his cute eyes

lingcat said...

Can you leash Bob and bring him for walk? Maybe that will entertain him a bit.

I am doing it to Wasabi bcoz she looks so bored.

Anonymous said...

hey i've read on website how a lady always have success introducing new cats to her family. Im a firm beliver that all cats are able to get along with each other. It takes time, techniques, and lots of patience. And i think the more they are seperated from each other, the more it doesn't help with their interaction with each other.

if you'd like, my email is vik_petatyahoodotcom

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, can you put bob out to roam while angel be kept in your room and vice versa. This way they get to familiaries with each other's smell as well?

Anonymous said...

Sorry just to add, it may be painful for you to hear angel scratching but everytime you put angel in the room, you can give her a wet food treat so its got good association when its got to go to the room.

I think if a bit of scratching by angel is ok as bob gets so little time out. Has to be fair to bob too. With time hopefully they'll be able to get along.

coboypb said...

Both of them should be familar with each other's smell by now. Angel has his scent around the house except my room. Bob will run himself on objects around the house when he gets to move outside of my room. Angel will still hiss when he senses Bob at the other side of the door and Bob will attempt to try to scratch his way through the barrier. It doesn't seem like the 2 of them will meet amicably if we remove the barrier. I have also tried to give them treats so that they can associate each other positively but they are not interested in the treats.

I can't take Bob out on a leash for a walk downstair (if this is what Lingcat is suggesting) as I don't want neighbours and residents to know I have cats at home. Already some unknown person has complained to TC about us feeding cats (even though we are doing so responsibly). I don't want the person or anyone to make use of the fact we are keeping cats in a HDB flat to get my family and the cats in trouble.

Lyte said...

maybe you can put them on neutral ground? It could they are protective of their own territory(as most cats are) Or you can rub bob with angel's scent, vice versa, like with angel's toy? It might help

Anonymous said...

Its not just simply taking out the barrier for it to work... and being familiar which each other's scent doesn't mean positive introduction either. its the experience the cats have, in their mind, their understanding, that will brought forward the acceptance of each other.

Lyte said...

Not really, I have dealt with cats and when there's someone to assure them that it's really ok and kind of give them a push, they became accepting, I tried that with 2 strays and the bigger cat eventually allowed the smaller one to be with it(maybe not liking the other) but still acccepted (all within 5mins). They just need assurance that the opposition is no threat. but of course there some may find it harder to accept other cats

Anonymous said...

If the so call introduction failed, maybe it is time to let them fight and set their own rules without human interfering? It might be intensed at the begining, with furs flying and cuts all over but after few fights, they will set their own hierarcy. I am very sure of that! I have 4 cats at home. My four cats all went through "proper" introduction phase. If you think all 4 are submissive kind of cats which can live together in harmony then you are wrong. The two male cats still fights occassionally. But that doesn't mean they will attack each other everytime they see each other. After the hierarcy set, one cat usual will be lying low when the top cat is near. If the top cat challenges him, he will lay down and "surrender". There won't be any fighting. Occassionally, the one retreating decide to act brave and accept the challenge. They ended up fighting but briefly. No cuts just flying furs. My female cat still chase another female cat almost everyday. TO me and to them, they are just reminding the other party who is the boss. All my four cats can still live harmony together, sleep in the same room together, attack the same lizard,share the same food bowl, water bowl and litter box. To me, my cats might not be perfect but if you ask me whether my four cats can live together, i will say yes! In fact, as their mummy for so many years, i can tell you they also enjoy having their furry siblings around rather than just one kitty in the hsehold. They are not bored, they need not many toys cause they have one and other for company and amusement. Bob doesn't deserve to be punished this way and it;s time to let Angel knows who is the boss in this family! Not Bob but you.

Anonymous said...

i'm working too otherwise would love to adopt Bob. but doesnt sound like he would appreciate roaming around an empty home for hours on end. = P

wish you luck in finding a good solution.