Monday, January 05, 2009

Beer batter bread

A friend has made a copy of this recipe (featured in Straits Times' Sunday Times) for me some time back but I only managed to try it recently. Here's a photo of the recipe (you can click on it to view it clearly).

It's really easy to make and the taste of the bread is like a savoury cake but more airy. I tried making bread using yeast and I have not been successful in making bread the traditional way. This recipe using beer is a unique way to make a savoury bread.

For my first attempt, I used the normal baking powder instead of the double acting one and the bread turned out to be quite dense. Otherwise, I followed the recipe quite obediently. In addition to gruyere cheese, I also added some canned ham (Tulip brand) and frozen organic chopped spinach.

On New Year's Day, I baked this bread again, using honey baked ham, extra sharp cheddar cheese, mild cheese and spinach. It turned out well :) and I was happy that my family and my friends at work like it too.

Now I can consider baking this instead of shepherd pie for family dinners or potluck with friends :)


imp said...

this is a great sort of food. not quite the main meal, but it can be so filling. kinda savory. nice. i usually eat it on its own and pass it off as one meal.

Dawn said...

I love this - and it's so easy to make. I sometimes make this and soup when I'm too lazy to wait for my bread to rise :)

coboypb said...

Thanks to you Dawn, I get to bake it and enjoy it :)