Monday, January 05, 2009

Passion fruit

After trying passion fruit in the hotel suite on my friend's wedding day in Oct 08, I like it and have introduced it to mom. Both of us in the initial stage could eat one every day. I like its sweet smell and some of them are more sourish than others. It has a refreshing taste. I googled a bit about the fruit and learnt that it has antioxidants. However, it seems like the passion fruit season is ending soon as we see less of it at the provision shop near our home.


sweeteepye said...

I've never tried this. Do you eat the seeds too? How do you choose? When's the season? Where do they come from? How much are each?

coboypb said...

i think they are in season in the last quarter or 2nd half of the year. The seeds can be eaten. I can't really remember the price but they are not expensive.