Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monkey the new community cat

Mom and I saw her one morning more than a month ago. We suspected that she may be an abandoned pet cat as she is very tame and allows me to rub her tummy. She is not sighted daily and recently I was worried she would get pregnant as a new young male cat had been following her for the past week. So I was determined to try and trap her after Chinese New Year.

Dad called me when he saw her near the carpark. I quickly went home to pick up the carrier. It was a funny sight when I saw Dad using one hand to hold her head. Luckily for him, Monkey is a gentle cat and just allowed him to kind of pin her to the ground. When I opened the door to my carrier and Dad released her, she just ran into the carrier. It was the easiest trapping! She started to meow softly when I carried the carrier.

After feeding the other cats, we went home and found Monkey trying to meow but she seemed to have lost her voice. I opened the door to the carrier and stroked her head and chest and she didn't bite me at all and seemed to enjoy it and even purred a little.

Lingcat is helping me to send Monkey to the vet. I will see her again on Sat evening and release her back to where she is found.


suzanna said...

She's aptly named. What a unique color!

Anonymous said...

She's really cute! Good work people.