Monday, January 26, 2009

Banana cake failure

I tried baking this banana wholemeal cake, using a recipe I saw in ST's Urban Supplement. However, it turned out rather wet even though I followed the instructions. It tasted more like kueh or pancake rather than cake and it's rather oily. Oh well, I will just try to finish it myself. Mom said she will help me to eat too.


kwanxw said...


Just a thought - are you using Prima wholemeal flour?
I'd always had problems with recipes with wholemeal flour until I discovered that Prima's type of 'flaky' wholemeal/wholewheat flour doesn't work. If possible, find stone-ground wholemeal/wholewheat flour instead.

coboypb said...

Yes, I used the Prima brand one. Will keep a look out for the flour you mentioned. Thanks!