Monday, January 26, 2009

The barrier between Angel and Bob

This is what we need to set up outside the door of Sis' room when Angel is inside resting and Bob is let out of my room. The detergent bottles of detergent/water act as weights to prevent Bob from removing the cardboard. The oranges and orange peels act as a repellent since cats don't like the smell of oranges. However, there are times when Bob will overcome then and use his strength to move the bottles and cardboard. Especially if Angel is just behind the door, meowing and scratching.

When I looked at the photo this afternoon and showed to my sis and parents, we laughed. It's really funny and if relatives or strangers were to see it, they may wonder if we are praying to some god behind the door. Hee.

It is also kind of sad that we need to do this :(


Dawn said...

Have you considered getting a baby gate or a metal frame that you can prop up?

coboypb said...

we will still need to close the door to the room as we can't let the 2 cats see each other. The cardboard is to prevent them from doing paw fights under the tiny gap under the door. Their paws can't go through the gap but we notice Angel's chin has some scab which we think are a result of rubbing his chin again the rough edge of the door. So I don't think the baby gate and metal frame will work. But thanks for the suggestion.