Monday, January 05, 2009

Chocolate chip cheese muffins

As I had extra cheese cubes not used in my beer bread, I wanted to use them before they turned bad. I found a strawberry cream cheese muffin recipe in one of my recipe books and improvised it. Instead of strawberries and cream cheese, I substituted with chocolate chips and cheese cubes.

I quickly baked them after feeding the community cats yesterday morning and before going to the cinema to watch Ponyo (the animated film by Miyazaki - if you like his works, you should watch it).

I filled the muffin cups to the brim. A mistake as the batter was oozing out while baking in the oven.

But luckily the muffins still looked quite pretty. I quite like the cheesy crust and the cheesy chocolatey centre. The cheese and chocolate chips got pushed up to the top of the muffin, so the bottom of the muffin has no cheese and chocolate. But that's where I could taste the muffin on its own. It tastes like egg sponge cake.


horus said...

Nice baking session! :)

imp said...

VERY PRETTY! i like these muffins. delicious and not at all dry looking.

yayy. you're back somewhat. :) missed your posts.

sweeteepye said...

Looks really nice. :) Makes me hungry! Muffins need butter milk right?

coboypb said...

this recipe needs milk. No butter milk