Saturday, September 13, 2008

Putting Bob up for adoption

After much consideration, I'm putting Bob up for adoption again on CWS online adoption board. Angel seems less stressed, now that he knows that Bob is always confined to my bedroom or there is always a door barrier when Angel is in the other rooms or balcony. However, sometimes I feel bad that Bob couldn't have more time out of my room. If Angel is happily resting in the living room, we have no heart to try to force him to the other rooms. Poor Bob will be meowing loudly in my room, wanting to be out. I will try to pacify him at times by going into my room and playing with him. Sometimes he will lick my leg or hand and try to bite but I can cope now by touching his neck and distract him with some toy.

I try to imagine if this is the kind of life I want Bob to have. He's like a second class citizen sometimes because he doesn't want to be in my room most of the time. He probably wants to be like Angel to be roaming around the house and see what we do, rest at wherever he likes, ie. freedom to move around the house. But this is something we can't give him as long as he and Angel can't be put together.

I don't put much hope that I may find a suitable adopter for Bob as there are so many cute kittens out there looking for a home. But I need to try for Bob's sake.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone will want him, he is quite a handsome cat. i would have him if i were at home more often. but no such luck =( i can only read your blog to be entertained by pets. haha like virtual pet!
good luck!

Anonymous said...

do you think you wanna do a switch?
maybe angel can occupy yr room for the time being and bob out to have fun=)

KXBC said...

I saw your new adoption info for Bob on the CWS website last week.

Sadly, most people prefer younger cats and I understand it. Beside being cuter in a physical sort of way, most kittens tend to get closer to the owner if they are adopted young though my KK is still very close to us even though we took her in when she was 1.5 yo.

Good luck.