Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lemon ginger cake

The stuff I baked usually don't turn out the way they should be but I'm happy if my family like it or I will have to eat them myself or throw them away if I myself don't even like it.

This afternoon, I tried to make a lemon ginger cake following this recipe on 3-tier Lemon-Ginger Cake.

I didn't follow exactly the instructions and I don't care for any frosting too. I didn't use the mixer to cream the butter and sugar together so the batter didn't rise or turn out light and fluffy. After I added the egg and lemon to the mixture, there was no way my arm power could turn the mixture into a smooth batter. So I had to use the mixer.

The cake mixture didn't rise in the baking dish while baking in the oven. Haha. Instead of a 3-tier cake, I have created a flat dense sponge cake. It's quite yummy as I could taste the lemon and it's not too sweet. Mom and Dad like it too :) Strangely we can't taste the ginger. I will have to consume electricity by using the mixer if I want to have a fluffy lemon ginger cake the next time.

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