Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lunch @ Tampopo

I had lunch @ Tampopo, Liang Court with Sis and Mom on Sep 9 (Tues). I was on leave to spend time with them.

Sis and I each ordered a ramen. I had mini miso ramen

and she shoyu ramen.

We found the ramen oily and quite salty but still quite yummy. Mom had the black pork tonkatsu set.

We also had teriyaki ika.

I'm glad Mom enjoyed the food at Tampopo as so far she likes the food at Sun with Moon (it's still number 1 for her) and the few other eateries I brought her to aren't up to her standards.

After walking around Meida-ya the supermarket, I decided to treat myself to Haato's lavender honey ice cream. The server did warn me about the lavender taste. I found it quite nice when I tasted a sample. But strangely the lavender taste was quite overwhelming and had a bitter aftertaste as I ate it on the cone. It's kind of medicinal and if you are not a fan of lavender, you will hate it. I like lavender but it was still a bit too much for me.

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