Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner @ East Coast Road

Yesterday, I wanted to treat my parents to Rose Apple Deli that I read on Sunday Times' Life last Sun. Their yam cake and other dishes sounded yummy. However, when we reach the place around 6pm, the deli had a sign, saying they would be opened at 6.30pm. So we walked around Katong Shopping Centre and the shops along the East Coast Road. Some of the food look yummy but we wanted to save our stomach for yam cake.

When we went back to the deli at 6.30pm, one of the staff amended the time on the sign to 7pm and apologised that they still needed more time to prepare. We were really disappointed and decided not to wait and proceeded to a nearby coffeeshop for dinner.

I had this tau kwa pau (fried bean curd with egg, chicken, fish, cucumber fillings)
while Mom and Dad has some fried kuay teow/bee hoon.
Mom wasn't very satisfied with the meal abut I was quite glad to have something to fill my stomach.

When we walked past the deli after 7pm, we saw couples and families enjoying little plates of yam cakes. We just didn't feel like trying the yam cakes anymore. Mom said I could try making on my own. Oh well, I guess yesterday is not my day to eat yam cakes but lots of tau kwa pau. Hee. Maybe one of these days, we can also make our version of tau kwa pau at home.

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