Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review of my driving lessons

Yesterday afternoon was my 6th lesson and I think I have made more improvement as compared to 4th and 5th lesson. I got 3 different instructors for those lessons. The first instructor for the 1st 3 lessons was the most encouraging and gave me the confidence to drive on the road. The next 2 instructors were older and more serious, still friendly but will shake their head when the engine stalled while I attempted to stop @ the junction and didn't do a full clutch while braking. Shaking head without humour is quite discouraging but I did learn from the process, just that it became a bit nerve wrecking and less fun.

For the lesson yesterday, the instructor ran through with me all the steps to start the car properly, feel the biting point, when to change gear, when to shift down gear to do engine break, pressing the pedals properly. He didn't make small talk, just focused on my driving and guided me as I drove around the circuit and the Ubi area outside of driving school. I still take too long a time to get the biting point and accelerate but I'm the way there. He didn't encourage or discourage. I prefer the teaching styles of the 1st instructor and the last one which make me feel positive and the lessons were enjoyable too.

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