Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hotel room in Brunei

I was staying in Rizqun International Hotel. There were 2 queen size beds and the room was quite spacious.

On the first day as we were not involved in the informal meeting among the bosses, I was in my room, relaxing, check office emails and trying to do my Jap homework.

These were the shoes I brought to Brunei.

I had to squeeze clothes and toiletries (to last me from Tues till Sat morning) into this luggage and I brought along additional shopping bags.

The contact lens cases were really handy in carrying my creams and other essentials. I didn't bring any shower gel, so I had to use the hotel one which was not very good.

Around 4+pm, a hotel staff came around, giving plates of chocolates. It was timely as the flight meal was before noon and I was feeling hungry and dinner would only start @ 7.30pm.

I even made myself a cup of rosebud tea :)

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Jazzy said...

The hotel room looks nice! Wish i could be there with u, like the last time when we were in HK together! ;-)