Friday, January 01, 2010

Day 2 (27 Dec) in Perth

We had early lunch @ Cicerello @ Fremantle. Joan's dad and sis had sardines which were quite salty. The rest of us had fish and chips. We also shared mussels, coleslaw and squid.

After the heavy meal, we took a walk to the Fort.

Joan and I had some fun taking photos of each other :)

Along the short walk to the Fremantle Market, there were some interesting buildings and bookshops.

After some shopping, we took a break at San Churros cafe for yummy churros dipped in decadent milk and dark chocolate. I had a mint tea instead of hot chocolate or coffee.

Joan's sis and I went to the beach about 15 min's drive away. I have not swam in the sea for a long time. That afternoon, there were waves - not the huge kind which could swallow you up but I had to take a deep break or go underwater to prevent drinking seawater or get crashed onto the seabed. After attempting to swim parallel to the beach for 15 mins, my arms were aching and I decided to just sit on the beach and watch the sea.

Dinner was simple. Joan's sis made a lovely salad and Joan bought 2 pizzas. We ended the meal with a small slice of Joan's cherry choc cheesecake.

Joan had watched the 1st season of Glee and was telling me how good it was. We watched 6 episodes of it and I really enjoyed it. It's a bit like Grease and High School Musical but many times better. The witty dialogue, especially for the evil Cheerleader coach, the engaging storyline. The songs sang by the Glee Club teacher and students were cover of some old songs. We only slept around 2am. Hee.

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sweeteepye said...

When u wrote Glee below I thot you mean "happy". ;p I shall try to catch that. Anywhere to watch it here? The Churros look good! Wow, decadent. Looks very very sunny there.