Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 4 (29 Dec) in Perth

Joan's dad bought some scones for breakfast and we had them with cream, jam, rock melon and fruit juice.

That morning, Joan drove us down to Mundaring Hill. We asked the friendly ladies at the visitor centre to recommend us a short nature walk and they suggested Mundaring Weir. There I was at the start of our walk, already starting to swat at the flies. Hee. I forgot to mention earlier that Perth during summer is hot and dry. I would put on sunblock before going out and when under the sun, I would wear the hat Joan lent me.

This was our target.

We had to walk for about 10mins to get a clear view of the weir. Joan led the way.

Me at the viewing platform.

I was wearing a net over my head to keep the flies away from my face. Joan bought the useful nets and we find them useful or else we had to keep swatting the flies away. We did laugh at ourselves and each other as we were a funny sight. We looked like beekeepers. No one else we bumped at King's Park and the beach wore the net. I guess they are used to the flies. We didn't see anyone around the Mundaring Weir area.

My pair of Clarks sandals weren't exactly the most appropriate footwear for the gravelly walk. My feet did slide along the way but luckily I didn't fall.

Joan suggested that we took turns to climb up this big rock to take photos. I was very clumsy and had to crawl up the rock while Joan managed to get a good foothold and gracefully climbed up and down the rock.

At the end of the walk around 2.30pm, we were ready for lunch. We checked out the Mundaring Weir hotel and its kitchen was closed already. Along the way, we discover the dam at the other side of Mundaring Weir.

We drove to Kalamunda and Joan wanted to look for La Paris Brest, a patisserie, recommended in Lonely Planet guide book. We were lucky and managed to find it. The cafe looked inviting.

We shared a beef pie, chocolate croissant, lemon meringue tart and chocolate pear tart. All except the croissant were as good as they looked.

I had a pot of organic green tea.

We went to Gooseberry Hill and could get a nice faraway view of the city.

We saw some houses along the way and we were amazed by the steep small road to get to a few of the houses. It was like 70-80 degrees angle!

We took the scenic zig zag road and saw some tyre track marks made by some crazy/daredevil drivers. We could stop the car along the side to admire the view and take photos :)

We checked out a few shops/supermarkets operated by Chinese before meeting Joan's family for Vietnamese dinner.

We watched Sherlock Holmes movie at 9.20pm. It's not the best movie I have watched so far. It pales in comparison to Avatar but I was curious after hearing reviews. Overall, it was quite entertaining.


imp said...

you really maximized your time in perth! so awesome!

coboypb said...

I think so too. Really glad I made a trip down to visit Joan, her family and their home :)