Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yay my CPU is revived

The computer repair man came before 8pm today. He opened up the CPU and cleaned up the gold finger of the RAM (which had oxidised). The CPU could be boot up after that. However, after some testing, he discovered the floppy disk drive was faulty. We have upgraded the PC last Dec but didn't think of removing that drive, so since it was faulty, I told him to go ahead and unplug it. It cost me $80 and I'm very happy that the CPU is working again and I can blog :) I told him the next time the CPU dies, I'm thinking of getting a laptop. He said the motherboard he upgraded for us last Dec is a good one and will last us for another 3 years. Wow. I can have more time to save my money for a MacBook Pro :)

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