Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green tea yogurt cupcakes

I made a litre of low fat yogurt using my yogurt machine and on Sun afternoon, decided to try a recipe for green tea yogurt cupcake. My earlier attempts to bake lemon yogurt cake have mixed results (yummy the first time and not so great the second time). The green tea recipe doesn't deviate from the lemon one, so I only used half of the ingredients and baked 6 cupcakes.

Don't they look pretty?

I added some cranberries and blueberries for mom but she was disappointed that the choc chips and berries were only sprinkled on top and not inside the cake too. The cake wasn't sweet enough too. We couldn't taste the green tea in the cake too, even though I added twice the amount called for (ie. 1 teaspoon). Mom said the cake tasted bad while Dad thought it was ok.

This one with just berries on top was mine. I stuck one of the organic dark choc buttons that sis got from London into the cake. Other than the sadly lacking taste/smell of green tea, I quite enjoyed eating the cupcake. I wanted to bake a healthy cake but it didn't turn up tasting like a normal yummy cake :P

I made Sis one with lots of choc chips and 1 dark choc button embedded inside, @ her request.

She said it didn't taste like a normal cake. After hearing mom and I talking about yogurt cake, it then dawned on her that she was eating a yogurt cake. Haha. She said if she had known that earlier, she wouldn't want to eat it. She said it tasted ok but sour and luckily I added more choc chips for her.

At least I had the foresight to make only 6 cupcakes and only had to eat 3. I shall finish the rest of the yogurt with wheatgerm, nuts, berries and maybe some green tea powder too. :)

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