Sunday, August 23, 2009

Visiting supermarkets

Nowadays I find it unsatisfying to shop for clothes, shoes, etc as I can't find anything I like or fit me. But food is another thing. I enjoy browsing in supermarkets and I can usually leave with some fruits, baking ingredients or organic stuff.

A visit to ThreeSixty at Ion Orchard more than a week ago got me a cheese bagel (tasted alright), organic dark chocolate bar with chilli and organic dark chocolate with blueberries. I have eaten a few pieces of the blueberry choc in between a slice of bread on 2 mornings. An unusual way of eating choc but I get part of my breakfast with some dessert to start the day. I recently tried the chilli choc - it's really spicy, but not to the extent of burning your tongue. Mom doesn't like it and return the rest of the piece for me to savour :)

Yay! Blogger seems to be working alright for me to post this :)


Flying raisin said...

Hee, supermarket shopping is my fav activity too. Anywhere...

sweetee said...

but can be expensive...and then afterwards the clothes shopping is even more unproductive and unsatisfying...hahahhaha