Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meeting, good food and job

Our meeting started at 9am and ended at 6pm. In the afternoon, there were moments where I felt really drowsy. It could be the satisfying lunch we had at the Thai restaurant or the apple strudel and crackers I couldn’t resist during the afternoon break. Or the discussion was a bit dry until someone made some interesting comments. The organizer really feeds us well – I have to be selective and make sure I take more veggies, less unhealthy items.

Just now after our dinner, we hopped into the van, which brought us to the night market area and we had an hour to explore before the van drove us back. My colleague and I walked down the stretch of stalls before settling on this stall selling some cottony flowery tops and bottoms. I got myself a pair of nice culottes – casual and comfortable when I go out with family or friends on hot days. With all the eating since yesterday and more eating till Sun, I hope I will wake up earlier tomorrow or one of the days to swim.

I’ve always been wondering whether I’m cut out for this job and whether I should do something else. Next year will be my 10th year in this job. I did change from one organization to another but it’s still under the same family and I’m doing the same kind of work. It seems like everything I have such thoughts – I get arrowed for some overseas assignments. I don’t look forward to such arrows or opportunities, as usually I had to go because someone couldn’t make it or no one wanted to go. It's the same for this current trip too, but this time, I don't feel lost with the bosses and colleagues around.

Anyway, it boils down to what I want to do and as long as I don’t know, I will stay in this job. I still need to feed myself, Angel, Bob and the community cats and sometimes my parents too. I guess life isn't that bad even though I complain every now and then. But it would be great if I do find a job I really enjoy.

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