Saturday, August 09, 2008

Growing pet grass

I earlier bought a pot which had already had seeds planted in it and I just had to water it everyday and wait for the grass to sprout. It was really easy. When Angel finished chomping or rather chewed off the nice green grass, I threw the pot (made of thick hard paper) without thinking. I could have reused it and the unusual soil to hold new seeds.

Anyway, I bought a packet of pet grass seeds from Sundreams, the pet shop @ Far East Shopping Centre. I can't remember the exact price but both the seeds and the pot cost around the same. I figure that it's more worthwhile to get the seeds and plant them myself instead of buying another pot.

It was also easy for seeds I planted in the milk carton to grow.

Angel enjoyed eating them. Angel has the funniest expression sometimes :)

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lingcat said...

Good idea. Most of the grass died rather than being eaten when planted at one go.