Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missing Bush

Bush has been missing since Thurs evening. Mom last saw him in the drain - he was so scared of the gardener who was in the park, overpruning the bushes that he refused to jump out of the drain when Mom lifted the heavy concrete cover. Mom had no choice but to put some dry cat food in the drain for Bush to eat. When we didn't see him on Thurs evening, we were worried as there was a heavy downpour. Could Bush be swept away by the water in the drain?

We have been hoping to see him rolling and stretching at our feet when we reached the middle part of the park but there has been no sign of him. It can't be the TC getting pest controller to nab the cats as there has been no complaint about the cats in the park and only Bush is missing. I have also called SPCA to report about Bush, in case anyone brings him to SPCA.

We hope for a miracle like the case of Bob who appeared in the park again after missing for a few days.

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