Sunday, August 31, 2008

Living with Angel and Bob

Things are still the same for Angel and Bob but at least Angel doesn't seem to freak out, knowing that Bob is in my bedroom. Bob is as usual hunting high and low for Angel. If Angel is in the balcony, Bob will be scratching the sliding door, thinking that he can crawl his way through.

Angel seems to be more manja, loving nowadays. This morning, he surprised me when he rested his front paws and body on my tummy as I sat on the sofa. So sweet of him. I enjoyed the few minute stroking his face, head and body before he decided "Time's up" and just walked away like nothing happened. It was so "Angel" :)

I managed to take some photos of Bob which is not an easy task as he doesn't keep still and will try to move towards the camera. Bob is getting heavier. I have been feeding him Natural Balance Chicken dry food and Solid Gold kibbles like Angel's diet.

I have been thinking whether to try to put another ad of Bob on CWS' online adoption bulletin as I'm not sure in the long run keeping him in my room will affect him psychologically. He will bite me when I want to leave my bedroom without him and also when it's daylight and I'm awake and still want to continue sleeping. I have managed to tolerate his bites and stop him by holding him by the scuff of his neck and usually he will stop or I will distract him or relieve the restlessness in him by making this snake toy play hide and seek with him.

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lingcat said...

I bought a Feliway diffuser from UK. Feliway treats cats with behaviour problem.

It worked on Libitina after using it for less than a month. I can see her fur growing back. It reduces her over grooming problem.

To my delight & dismay, Feliway diffuser can now be bought from Pet Lover's Centre. Dismay because I paid much more for it in UK.

You may like to try it as it may rectify Bob's behaviour.