Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sometimes I wonder if friendship is about meeting regularly or frequently or it can also be an email , sms or meeting up once in a while to catch up. I have some friends whom I meet almost daily or weekly because we work in the same organisation, try to swim weekly, attend Japanese language class, work together to help other cat caregiver in TNRM programme. These friends have been helpful, encouraging whenever I need cheering up. They have also inspired me to try to learn or try new things.

On Thurs, I have also met an old friend whom I have not seen for a year or more. I had lunch at Old Airport Road Food Centre near her place as I was on afternoon leave after that. We chatted for 2 hours there and at her place but we tried to fill each other on what has been going on in our lives and at the end of it, I am glad I make the effort to meet up with her. It may be quite some time before we meet again but during that short time, we encouraged each other to continue our passion, volunteer work and search for that something in our lives.

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JerL said...

Friendships are hard to keep. Though we may not be meeting up that often, I do read your blog on a regular basis to know what's going on with your life! :)