Saturday, August 09, 2008

Growing pet grass and catnip

I have some catnip seeds from Flying Raisin and managed to coax a few seedlings to grow from the milk carton. However, the milk carton has no water drainage system and will disintegrate with time, so I transferred the seedlings this afternoon into a bigger pot
and a small cute cat pot.

My parents bought the 2 cute pots from Daiso and I like their cat looks :) The 2nd pot (the one with a tail) has pet grass seeds in them. I can't wait to serve Angel and Bob pet grass in that little pot.

If the catnip seedlings manage to survive, I can dry the plant for Angel and Bob to enjoy and feel happy and also to make catnip tea for myself.


imp said...

i'm just wanting flower pots and you posted these pics! thanks! i'm going to head out to daiso to check them out!

chris said...

i didnt see fly&raisin selling any catnip seeds..
maybe u let me know how to get it n go abt planting when we meet at hg mall=)

coboypb said...

My friend, flying raisin doesn't sell the seeds. She just grows catnip and pass me the dried plant and I use the seeds found in the plant to try if I can grow catnip too. I can pass you the dry catnip and seeds for you to try too :)