Monday, July 28, 2008

Bonbon Tea

The girls and I tried this cafe with the pretty menu yesterday afternoon on the 2nd level of Vivocity. We had sweet crepes (with Chestnut cream in between and a scoop of ice cream),
savoury crepes (cheese and mushroom),

Cherry and Mango sorbets. The cheapest item there is a scoop of ice cream at $4.50. The savoury crepes are around $14. The portions are not huge. I quite like the ambience of the place. Compared to the crowd outside at the mall, the cafe was a nice quiet retreat to catch up with friends. I won't say the food there is fantastic but I don't mind trying their other stuff again.


KXBC said...

I think I was there with the Wife while you were dining with 3 girl friends and a little girl. You were seated at a corner. And you wear specs?

Anyway, I find their food not value for money. Wouldn't go there again. Actually I wanted to have lunch at the French sandwich cafe at Vivo but they have closed down. That cafe serves much better open face sandwiches. And cheaper than Bon Bon too.

Now a lot of cafes using my Bon Bon's name as part of their shop name. Must pay me royalty. :)

coboypb said...

How did you guess correctly? :)

KXBC said...

Haha, just lucky guess. You left just before we did.

sweeteepye said...

Ya, I don't think I'll go there again too. feel it is a bit overpriced .

KXBC said...

I was wrong. The French cafe at Vivo has not closed down. I went to the wrong floor to search. :P

So for your info and future light lunches, it's called The Authentic French Cafe (or something along that line) and located just 2 doors beside Modesto which is at the corner very near to HabourFront. It's on the first floor. #01-163.