Sunday, July 13, 2008

My love for food

I enjoy eating especially if yummy food can be shared with my family and friends. For 2 consecutive Sats, I actually got Dad and Mom to pick me up somewhere after my Japanese language lesson and go for our dinner at Old Airport Road Food Centre.

On the first Sat, I had this yogurt topped with strawberries, blueberries and cashew nuts from this stall @ the basement of Raffles City.
It was quite satisfying and priced at $6.30. I also bought some nuts (which Mom and I love - the raisins, cashew nuts, peanuts and almonds as a snack) and organic chocolate sandwich cookies from the supermarket and organic milk chocolate with almond and muesli from Marks and Spencer).

Over @ Old Airport Road, I share some refreshing and spicy Thai papaya salad with Mom

and also ordered this chocolate lava cake
from Cilantro, a food stall which sells interesting western food. I had to wait for about ten minutes for them to bake the cake. Dad was quite amused to see the little cake resting on the big black plate :) I like its smallness and @ $4, I was quite happy by its chocolatey taste and the oozing lava. I also had some ice blended lemon soursop.

On the 2nd Sat, @ Old Airport Road, mom and I shared another salad (mango instead of papaya) and fried oyster with sotong slices.
Dad has some simple chicken chop that tasted yummy too marinated with some slightly sweet and savoury sauce. I tried an ABC juice (apple, beetroot, carrot) from the same fruit stall. We also bought some traditional looking bread like this red bean paste one.

And I must show you what the organic dark chocolate sandwich looks like.

We think it tastes a bit like Oreo cookies but definitely less sweet and more chocolatey. Sis said it tastes too strongly of cocoa but shouldn't this be what it tastes like instead of laden with sugar and artificial flavours? I feel less guilty when I have a craving for something sweet at night. Late July (the brand of this cookie) also has a few other flavours like peanut butter and cheese - maybe I can try them after I slowly finish the chocolate one.


lingcat said...

The yogurt look delicious!

kwanxw said...

where did u get the oreo-like chocolate cookies?

coboypb said...

Hi, kwanxw. You can get the cookies from the health food/organic food section of the supermarket at the basement of Raffles City.