Monday, July 28, 2008

I need a new camera

My Casio Exlim of about 2 years produces overexposured or stripey photos. I borrow Sis' Canon Ixus in the meantime until I can decide or find the time to browse for a compact camera. I want one that can take good photos of community cats, food and scenery, like my formerly trusty Casio. Initially, I was not used to Sis' camera and didn't quite like it. Now I find it alright but since it's not mine, I better find my own one soon.


KXBC said...

I like Fuji Finepix series. Check this out for a good database comparison.

Try to get one whereby the lens protector is closed manually rather than automatically. That piece of gadget can be easily damaged as it is so filmsy and if it is spoiled, your camera won't function anymore. My friend experienced that on the first day of their overseas trip.

Anonymous said...

i love my current canon. some models are more robust than others and are really good to use.