Monday, July 28, 2008

Bob putting on weight

Bob has put on quite a bit of weight since he is in my room most of the time. I have since gradually switched him from Royal Canin "Fit 32" kibbles (community cats' diet) to Natural Balance and Solid Gold (Angel's diet). I like to mix a few brands in case any of the brands has a product recall or disappear from the market. For example, I used to feed the comm cats Nutro Salmon kibbles but now Nutro has been removed from the shelves.

Now Bob's head seems quite small compared to his body.
Sometimes he would also chew on the paper box I use to hold his toys.

I think he has a bit of separation anxiety or maybe he just wants to roam freely outside the house like Angel and see mom and us all the time. But we can't do that :( I have also received an email from a lady who's interested in Bob but she wants a lap cat who can get along with her friend's pet cat when she needs to babysit about a week every month. I'm not sure if Bob will fit the bill. I have emailed her some recent photos of Bob:


KXBC said...

He is getting very fat. He needs to move around a little more. Else try the RC Indoor 27 food. It gives less calories.

Sometimes when they are bored and have nothing to do, they will bite cardboard. That means they need a little more human company (sleeping doesn't count).

coboypb said...

Does the RC Light food help? I have mixed that in for the community cats.

Today we let him out for 3 hours. I usually try to pop into my room for 15 mins when I'm from work before sleeping if we can't find opportunity to let Bob out. I think Bob just wants to have the freedom to move around like Angel.

KXBC said...

For the community cats, would think the 32 formula is better as they move around more. For our indoor cats, 27 is lower calorie so will help to manage their weight and waistline as likely they less active.

But then, I have 2 fat monsters at home who eat only 27. :)

KXBC said...

Maybe you can try re-introducing Bob and Angel again. It's no good long term for Bob to be cooped up in a room.

My XX did a daring escape stunt (when she was still sick and no strength) when I came home just 2 hours later than usual just because she was cooped out in our bedroom to recuperate.

Cooping them up makes them do crazy things, mostly undesirable stuff.

lingcat said...

Chewing and shreadding cardboard is Wasabi's hobby.

I gave up on doing anything about Wasabi's fatness.

Good luck for Bob!