Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zoo outing with friends

I took half day's leave on Fri afternoon to visit the zoo with my 3 girlfriends. We boarded the zoo bus from Grand Hyatt around 1.10pm. By 2pm, we reached the zoo and had our lunch near the entrance. There was a power failure and we were surprised that the electricity didn't come back until we were leaving the zoo around 6pm. We also couldn't enjoy the 20% discount from my OCBC credit card as we could only pay for our admission and tram ride by cash ($23 per person). My friend told the staff that they should feedback to their management that the customers shouldn't be penalised as the power failure wasn't our fault.

The photos I took:

The otters taking afternoon nap :)

The children dressed in colourful t-shirt. I took this while in the tram. If you could see through the blurriness, one of the kids in the centre in the purple top seemed to be sticking out his tongue. Notty! :)

The elephant show. I was lucky not to get squirted with water by one of the elephants even though I was sitting at the front row.

The Carribean manatees who looked gigantic and cuddly. Some hyperactive penguins swimming while the others just seemed dazed on land.

A colony of baboons either grooming each other or looking around. We also saw 2 males fighting and making lots of noise.

The White Tiger just resting and then grooming himself. That scene reminded me of my home cats and community cats :)

Another performance by the seal.

The last shot of another animal (the wolf) in the zoo.

Sis asked if I took this photo because of the half naked boy. Haha. Of course not, the subject is the jeep which is used to educate the visitors about illegal wildlife trade.

Somehow, the zoo doesn't seem as interesting as before when I visited a few years ago or when I was a young kid. There is also this question whether some of these animals are doing well in captivity or they are bored in their enclosure. But it was still fun to spend the afternoon with good friends.

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Nausicaa said...

most worried about the big cats. They are doing some repetitive behaviours in their enclosure.