Thursday, July 09, 2009

Comforting porridge

Last Thurs, my parents cooked yummy dishes with plain porridge. It was the day after my brief teary moment. My mood had already lightened up and I took a photo of the food - omelette, super salty mini anchovies, pork floss (strange that mom added in), kailan with some fish prawn cake.

On Sat evening for dinner, I quickly whipped up some porridge using the Jap dashi (fish) stock and the rice that Dad had bought to go with his soup and couldn't finish and added some left chicken meat from dinner a few days ago. I also threw in some shitake mushroom and coriander. It tasted nice :)

[Looks like something is wrong with my home PC as I can upload the photos using my office laptop :(
It also shuts down on its own and I just upgraded it late last year. Perhaps I should consider a MacBook. ]


Nausicaa said...

I shall have to refrain from being apple salesperson again! ;p

u think it's a virus possibly?

coboypb said...

I'm not sure. Could be. Have been updating my free AVG virus files and no virus has been detected so far.