Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dinner @ El Patio

Yesterday at 5+pm, My friend and I planned to have dinner @ Dempsey Hill initially but nothing, except Jones Grocer seemed to interest us. We walked down to Tanglin Mall which has no interesting eateries. We decided to visit Holland Village where we had dinner last month.

The restaurant we settled our dinner was El Patio. The last time I had Mexican food was quite some time ago. I prefer the fajitas to the burritos and echiladas (which were cheesy).

My friend and I had plenty to catch up even though we met about a month ago. We took a bus back to Orchard Rd and had a nice pot of tea (earl grey for her and chamomile for me) and shared the apple strudel with Movenpick ice cream. I know I overate but it was nice to indulge myself with my good friend :)

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