Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty

Sis and I watched the 2 seasons of Vampire Knight over 3 nights and 1 afternoon this week and finished watching the 26 episodes last night at around 12.30am. I like the story and how the characters were drawn but compared to Nabari no Ou , it is more complicated due to the romance element. It is not the straight forward happily ever after storyline. There are darkness (presence of evil characters), sadness (death of loved ones). Of course, there are light hearted moments. Sis and I as usual teared and cried at certain scenes.

The anime is based on the manga series of the same title and the story revolves around a school (called Cross Academy) attended by vampire students in the Night Class and human students in the day class. The Chairman of the Academy set up the school, hoping to establish peace and harmony between humans and vampires. The leader of the Night Class was a Pureblood vampire, Kaname Kuran who was respected by his fellow vampires. The Chairman took care of 2 children, Yuki and Zero who both had a sad past and were the Guardians of the Academy to ensure the students of the Day and Night class observed the rules. Kaname was very nice to Yuki and he was the one who saved her from a level E vampire when she was little and brought her to Chairman Cross. Zero came to the Academy a year later when his family was killed by a Pureblood vampire. Zero appeared gruff to Yuki but cared deeply for her. The question when we were watching the anime was whether Yuki would end up with Zero or Kaname.

While discussing with Sis about the anime earlier, Sis asked me to look for another interesting anime. Watching anime is addictive and a luxury. I can tear my eyes away to eat, feed the cats and attend to some tasks but I didn't revise Jap, do some office work, iron clothes as originally planned. I guess it's okay to watch anime once in a while but I need to control the frequency, knowing how time consuming it can be :)


Nausicaa said...

You can find some reviews at manga obsess - Also there are quite a few links from there (and expanding) to other sites with reviews as well. ANN seems quite popular.

horus said...

I like FullMetal Alchemist. Its slightly over 50 episodes and you see how the 2 boys develop. Not much romance but i teared at the end. :(

Nausicaa said...

Wow, I gave up watching Code Geass even tho it's award winning and it features my fav seiyu (Jun Fukuyama - did I spell right?) as Lelouche, cos it was 26+26 (two seasons) episodes long. That one doesn't have much romance either but why do we need the romance? ;p

imp said...

eh. if your anime and comics are in japanese, that counts as revision too! :p

coboypb said...

Nausicaa - I will check out your blog if I need any ideas on what animes to watch :)

Horus - I remember Fullmetal Alchemist shown on TV some time back and that the lead character's brother is trapped inside a robot or something like that. Didn't watch a single episode and only caught a bit of it. Maybe can consider :)

Imp - The animes are in Jap but I read the English subtitles to understand the story :)

KAIXIN said...

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